Kid’s Menu


Caesar Salad · 3.00
with parmesan cheese and focaccia croutons

Mixed Greens Salad · 3.00
with bell peppers, sweet peas and citrus vinaigrette

Vegetable Platter · 5.00
carrots, cucumber, celery and tomatoes with tzatziki dip

Avocado Nori Roll · 7.00
fresh avocado, Japanese sticky rice, soy sauce and pickled ginger


Nachos · 5.00
corn chips topped with melted cheese served with side salsa and sour cream
additional toppings: bell peppers, tomato, olives, corn 0.50 each

Burrito · 5.00
baked tortilla pillow filled with rice, beans and cheese served with side salsa and sour cream
add chicken 2.00

Quesadilla · 5.00
flour tortilla baked with mozzarella cheese served with side salsa and sour cream
add chicken 2.00


Pizzas all our pizzas are made with house tomato sauce and melted cheese on pita

Cheese Pizza · 5.00

Ham Pizza · 5.25

Pineapple Pizza · 5.25

Ham & Pineapple · 5.50


add peas, broccoli, mushrooms, ham 1.00 each

Creamy · 6.00
spiral pasta in cream sauce with parmesan cheese

Tomato · 6.00
spiral pasta in tomato sauce with parmesan cheese

Cheese · 5.00
spiral pasta topped with parmesan cheese


opened faced on our house baked bread

Toasted Cheese Sandwich · 4.00

Toasted Ham and Cheese Sandwich · 4.50


Ice Cream with Caramel or Chocolate Sauce · 3.00

Kid’s Brownie · 4.00

Kid’s Carrot Cake · 4.00

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